Senpex Api For Customer

API Overview

Welcome to the Senpex API documentation. You can use the Senpex API to provide same-day delivery to your customers by one click.

Through the Senpex API, your application will be able to create and manage orders as well as retrieve the details and status updates on those select orders. The Senpex API is organized around REST and has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes.

Preliminary Notes

To use the Senpex API, the Client has to register on . After successful registration, the client has to request for approval from the Senpex support team by making a call 650-514-6350. Upon approval, the client will receive an email with the link to Senpex API.


The API requires credit card details which must be entered after logging in to your account by navigating to Billing details in account profile. Please take a note that by default Senpex will immediately provide a price for end user that will be expected to be paid for, however, the pricing is not determined by Senpex. The vendor is given the freedom to choose their own pricing structure. Thereby, the customer will use client secret keys that will be provided by Senpex, but the end user will have the ability to re-generate the secret keys for safety.

What to start with?

If you are ready to integrate with our API and have already created Client Account, continue here Sign In - if you don't have one, you can register by clicking here Sign Up

Once your account is created and you login with these credentials, you will be automatically provided with a client_id and secret_id. Additionally, you will need to add your own Google Maps API Key to the dashboard.

To create your own Google Maps API Key, visit: Create a new account or register with an existing one. After you’re logged in, go to the Products/Cloud and click “Go to console”. Then go to “APIs & Services”/Dashboard/Credentials and click “Create Credentials”/API key. After creating your API key, you will need to activate the Geocoding API, Directions API, Distance matrix API, Geolocation API, Places API, Time Zone API.

Once you get a Google API key, verify it here. After verification, paste it in Senpex API Dashboard.

Note! Please, keep these keys secured and do not embed them in any client-side code.

Add your Credit card by navigating to Billing details in your account profile.


Every integration starts with the Test Environment. Credentials and all required information for both environments will be provided by Senpex Support Team.

Dictionary Definitions

Available Transport Types

Senpex platform provides five different types of transportation vehicle for delivering orders depending on the size of the order. As a default transport type, set up 'Car'

ID Transport type Definition
1 Car Set type as Car, if the estimated total weight of the order is Small, Medium and Large that can be accommodated easily.
3 SUV Set type as SUV, for Large loads with big value.
8 Pickup Truck Set type as Pickup Truck, for Heavy and Big Size loads.
9 Large Van Set type as Large Van, for Heavy and Big Size loads.

Package Size Types

ID Size Definition
1 Small (1-25 lbs) Boxes 15 in., envelopes, food, flowers and other items be- tween 0 - 25 Lbs
2 Medium (26 – 50 lbs) Boxes 30 in., small appliance, tools, meals, and other items between 25 - 50 Lbs
3 Large (51 – 70 lbs) Boxes 45 in., appliance, supplies and other items between 50 - 70 Lbs (Not requires lifting equipment)
4 Heavy Load (71 - 150 Lbs) Major appliance, carpets, mattresses, equipment, furniture and other items between 70 - 150 Lbs
5 Not Heavy but Big Size (up to 70 Lbs) Big and lightweight items: Containers, tanks, Home Cinema, Octobass, polystyrene and other items up to 70 Lbs

As a default package size set up 'Small'

Order Status

API provides different statuses for the Order that is placed.

ID Status Definition
0 Draft Order Order has not been placed yet, but is saved as a draft .
5 Waiting for pay Order is placed and is awaiting payment.
7 Scheduled order Order is scheduled for a future date and time.
8 Repeated order Root order for scheduled orders.
10 Paid order Order payment is done
20 Courier selected Courier service is selected for the order
25 Arrived to pickup location Courier arrived to pickup location
30 Item in transit Package is in transit for delivery
35 Arrived to drop-off location Driver arrived
40 Item is delivered Package is delivered
50 Item not given Package is not delivered
90 Reported order Order is reported for some incident
100 Cancelled order Order is cancelled by customer

Route Status

Route status for any order will be “0” if the order is not yet taken by the courier.

ID Status Definition
0 Order not taken Order not taken by the courier
30 Order is taken Order is taken by the courier
40 Order is delivered Order is delivered

Courier Package Cancellation Reasons

A courier can be cancelled anytime. This list shows the available reason for cancellation.

ID Reason Definition
1 Personal Problems Courier cancelled due to personal problems.
2 Car Problems Courier cancelled due to car problems.
3 Other issues Courier cancelled due to other issues.


Each REST API request results is giving error information:

ID Error Meaning
28 StripeError Unable to perform operation. Message: This value must be greater than or equal to 1.
38 EmptyValueError (parameter) cannot be empty, eg: order name cannot be empty
35 MileError Maximum 300 miles accepted
50 DataVarNotFound Receiver phone number cannot be found
58 NoCreditCard You don’t have linked credit card
59 SecretIDNotFound Secret id not found
60 ClientIDNotFound Client id not found
61 CompanyIsDisable This Key is disabled by Snpx administration. Contact us .
62 SecretIsWrong Secret or Client key is wrong
63 ApiTokenNotFound This token cannot be found
64 ApiTokenNotYours This token is not belongs to you
65 ApiTokenPriceExpired This price is expired
66 ApiThisOrderAlreadyPaid This order is already paid
67 RouteCountError Routes count should be between 1 and 5. You provided 0
68 ScheduleDateLow Schedule date cannot be less than current date
69 ApiNotApprovedByAdmin This API has not been approved by Senpex. Please, contact the Senpex support team.
70 ApiNotApprovedByOwner You should enable you API on your “API Configuration” panel
71 APIPaymentDetailsNotFound Your should assign your credit card to be able to use API
73 WrongEmailFormat Please enter email in correct format
13 PackNotFound You don't have access to this order, or it was canceled.
5 NotNumberValueError order_id should be numeric
14 PackIncorrectStatus You cannot do this operation on this order. Current status Cancelled pack. Acceptable statuses
-50 DataVarNotFound Receiver name for 1 cannot be found
-50 DataVarNotFound Receiver phone number for 1 cannot be found
-5279 RoutesNotArray The list of routes should be provided in array
-1081 NotCorrespondingTransportForSize Not corresponding transport_id for current pack_size. Allowed transports(1)
-1282 DataNotJson Request body is not in JSON format
-1126 WrongOrderName alphabetical and numerical symbols accepted
-3250 OrderNotExists Order ID is not exist
-23123 PriceNotFound Price information not found
-10000 GoogleAPICannotFindAddress Google API cannot find required address